mobile app design

Design and prototype of a mobile application for the Baltics leading airline company airBaltic.

Disclaimer, while the logo and colors are those of airBaltic, the project is personal and is in no other way associated with the company.

The story behind

One evening I wanted to check-in for upcoming my flight, quickly I jumped to Google Play Store in a lookout for airBaltic app, and to my surprise - airBaltic does not have their own mobile application.

Airline mobile app usage is on the rise, when mobile becomes the main tool for planning your next trip,
wouldn’t it be nice to have a dedicated app for airBaltic?

Manage your profile
Keep your personal information up to date
Add your bookings
Add already purchased flights
Book new flights
Book new flights straight from your phone
Track your flight information
And purchase additional services


Keeping the airline identity with accessibility in mind.

Manage your profile

Keep your personal information up to date and save your company details for requisites.

Sign in with your profile

Keep your profile info up to date

Add your company details

Add your bookings

Track flights you already booked.

Add flights to your booking screen

Provide necessary information

See a list of your upcoming flights

Book new flights

Book new flights straight from your phone.

Search for your next destination

Pick from all three ticket types

Confirm your selection

Track your flight information

View your flight information and purchase additional services on the go.

See a list of your upcoming flights

View multiple person bookings

Purchase travel extras

Fluid motion

Creating a more dynamic engagement with the customers. Using graphical elements to create a fluid transition between each screen in the application.

Not to mention that it looks really nice.

Thank you for your attention!

The previous was a User Interface project and reflects only a small portion of what I do.
If you want to learn more about my process I suggest reading an article where I explain how I used design thinking to design a product and create a competition for major food portals.

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