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Passionate creative always on the lookout to create, learn and share.

Currently contributing my skills at Prezi to help people around the world present their ideas, share knowledge and educate others.

Hello, my name is Davis! Ever since high school I knew that I wanted to be a graphic designer. After moving to Denmark, Copenhagen and studying Multimedia Design & Communication I have found myself working in product design field.

I can tell you right now, that beautiful design alone will not sell your product. Over years I have learned to advocate for user interests with user-centered design approach while keeping in mind business needs and goals. This way I have been able to use Design Thinking to create competition for food ordering platforms like Wolt and Just-Eat. While working in a white-label company OrderYOYO.

In my free time I always look for things to create and how to share my knowledge. That's why I started a personal blog called "The Article Project" where I write about everything and the kitchen sink, trying to tie it all together from a Product Designers point of view..

I always try to improve my professional skills, by creating different design projects.. Like that time when I designed a mobile application prototype for airBaltic, because I got frustrated that they didn't have a dedicated mobile app.

Apart from all this, I like to play basketball and gather friends for occasional board game night. I actively follow actions in NBA and play basketball myself on weekly basis.

A humble Latvian, currently living in Rīga. Always open for new adventures and opportunities! 👍

My story

How I came to where I am now
How it all started

Around the end of middle school I enjoyed tinkering around in Adobe Photoshop. It all started with designing car liveries in racing games, and ended with picture editing and logo designs. After a while I learned that Graphic Designer is an actual profession and ever since that day I knew what I will do with my career..

Multimedia design

After high school I moved to Copenhagen (Denmark), where I started studying Multimedia Design & Communication. Here I learned a lot, from graphic design and website development all the way to marketing campaigns and video production. I learned to independently design, plan, realize and manage multimedia tasks and to assist in the implementation, administration and maintenance of multimedia productions.

Product designer

During my internship I gained deeper experience and better understanding of UX/UI. This helped me understand that I want to create digital products. After which I proved myself and was rewared with a full time job position. Ever since, trough ups and downs, I've been learning what it means to design a product that will be succesfull. And now I am ready to share that knowledge and my journey!

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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" Laozi

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